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Using products from our greenhouse and orchard, our kitchen offers dishes inspired by traditional, simple and elegant recipes, suitable for all tastes. Our menu changes daily. If you have special dietary requirements or allergies, let us know so we can consider them.

A great daily challenge means for us to produce and cultivate the products that we bring to our table in this harsh climate. With love and effort we managed to obtain green leaves, tomatoes, zucchini, rhubarb, red vines, cassis, currants and eggs ... all fresh from our garden.


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Buffet breakfast with a variety of fresh, salty, sweet and handmade products.



 Meet and enjoy our flavours with our menu.


Menu that rescues flavours from Patagonia with ingredients grown in our garden.


Bar & Café

Menu with a variety of tasty sweet and savory snacks (for both meat lovers and vegetarians). Excellent wine list prioritizing those from organic production: Viña Matetic, EQ and Corralillo lines.

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Box Lunch

To recharge your batteries on the way, enjoy our Sandwich and snacks.

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Patagonian asado

Roast lamb with traditional sidings

and our personal touch.

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