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Sounds of the South, Songs of Patagonia.

The extreme south of our Planet Earth, as in every corner of it, has a cultural particularity

that makes us fall in love with it; it makes us feel that we are in Chile, it makes us feel that

we are in Patagonia.

Our particularity is born for natural reasons and also for the particular creation of our


When we talk about the natural motives that become a seal of the Chilean Patagonia, we

find beautiful factors that together converge in a sound reproduction of peace, of a

remote place, of the vast and imposing of our landscapes.

These sounds are that of the strong winds that blow across the pampas and brush against

the bushes, allowing a characteristic whistling sound to fill you with peace and a feeling of

excitement for the adventures, which you can take as you travel either on horseback,

hiking or by vehicle. 

The hooves of the horses breaking the fallen branches as you reach our wonderful

viewpoints, the birds that with their characteristic sounds alert you of the human

presence and sing to also be present to your senses.

Patagonia is a place that is experienced through our five senses, but above all, being able

to observe and listen carefully to the song of the south, we can assure you that it will be

worth every second of admiration.

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