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Preservation Program Estancia Cerro Guido

The spirit of Patagonia invites us every day not only to enjoy its wonderful

landscapes, but also to remember that everything that surrounds us at some point

could disappear.

The flora, fauna and the ecosystem in general need the balance that nature

provides and that with the arrival of human beings has been altered as the

exploitation of its resources began.

What can we do? It is a question that we at Estancia Cerro Guido, together with

nature lovers and lovers of our beautiful region, have set out to answer and try to

turn those answers into actions that achieve two fundamental objectives: Educate

and Preserve.

We can not protect what we do not know, that is why we have a wonderful team

that has dedicated much of their lives to DO! Studying the endangered species of

the region, understanding the gigantic native flora that surrounds us and covers

from the highest points of Torres Del Paine National Park to our pampas.

The photographic and scientific recognition of species such as the Puma, Gray

Fox, Black Chested Buzzard Eagle, Rhea, Andean Condor, among others, has

allowed us to transmit valuable information through our efforts to the entire

community that surrounds us and who also feel deep respect and admiration for

these animals. 

Our greatest wish is that you too, within the experiences that you can live with us,

discover and live what it is to admire the fauna, flora and an ancient ecosystem

that has always been there, witnessing how the evolution of species has made us

adapt and always seek the most balanced coexistence possible.

It is the job of all of us that every day more is learned, that every visitor knows what

makes us proud and knows that from Chilean Patagonia, Estancia Cerro Guido is

always looking to give back to the land with love and respect what it gives us.

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