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Patagonian Cuisine

Every region in the world has something that makes it special and unique. Its aromas,

colors, landscapes and flavors.

Now, imagine being able to live the experience of combining all of them in the same place,

allowing your senses to take part in an experience where you can not only discover flavors

but also textures, sights and scents.

Patagonia offers special preparations for those who eat meat as well as for those who do

not, which is why its varieties also manage to adapt perfectly to everyone.

The pampas: An immense plain without trees that becomes the ideal terrain for the raising

and development of sheep and cows, among others, who in an ideal balance between

respect for nature and consumption, manage to become an important part of the diet of the

inhabitants of these beautiful lands.

At the same time, with the passing of the years and in the improvement of the gastronomic

elements provided by the earth and nature, you can discover dishes such as:

- Patagonian lamb

- Guanaco in its different preparations

- Southern King Crab

Being in such a southern location on the planet, it is also of great importance the vast

variety of food that the ocean offers us.

Chile and its Patagonia have a culture of fishing

and biodiversity development that has made it one of the main producers of Salmon and

King Crab in the world.

The combination of exotic flavors that are part of the diet of the fishermen and inhabitants

of the Chilean Patagonia, is something quite unique, as it manages to unite in one dish the

flavors of the pampas and the Pacific Ocean. 

- Salmon

- King Crab

- Curanto

- Trout

Varieties of fruits and plants such as rhubarb, also a particular fruit called Calafate, with

which you will taste not only exquisite desserts, but also amazing cocktails that highlight

the flavor of Patagonia, of the south, of diversity and complementarity that you can

experience here.

In Estancia Cerro Guido, you can taste all these dishes in a unique way not only for its

taste, but for the experience of having a wonderful view of Torres Del Paine, the Pampas,

birds and a beautiful location being in a magical place in the heart of Patagonia.

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