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Patagonia with your Family

 Enjoying Chilean Patagonia goes beyond adventure tourism for the most daring, it is

also possible to discover a world of natural entertainment that allows adults, youth and

children to live fun experiences and learn about our beautiful land.

Our culture inspired by the respect and spirit of preserving what surrounds us, is

something that we love to transmit to each family that enjoys a day living as one of us;

from the orchard to the stables, understanding the passion with which we care and

work our land, brings a very special value in which we seek to make you feel part of

what we have created. 

That is why every activity at our estancia is designed to educate and entertain, while

the landscapes and the possibility of spotting wildlife keep us very attentive to not lose

sight of any detail. Enjoy guided hikes with our guides along the wonderful trails that

surround Estancia Cerro Guido or take a horseback ride with your loved ones to the

viewpoints and observe the majestic Torres Del Paine.

Without leaving aside the exploration tours of Torres del Paine National Park in which

an expert guide will take you in a 4x4 vehicle to visit the main attractions of the park,

an unforgettable ride where you can share with your family a full day of adventure

watching beautiful landscapes and impressive waterfalls that will make you fall in love

with Patagonia.

Estancia Cerro Guido is definitely a place where children, teenagers and adults enjoy

and learn while exploring every corner of the vast pampas in our beloved Patagonia.

Are you ready to join this adventure?

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