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Horse Riding, Amazing Views (Torres Del Paine)

The first rays of the sun along with the fresh wind that fills your senses,

bringing with it the aroma of the countryside, is just a sign that a

magnificent day is about to begin to explore the immensity of our

Chilean Patagonian Pampas on horseback. 

 time to put on your riding protective gear in the stable while the

instructions of our guides and the experience and knowledge of the

Gaucho describe what will be an unforgettable ride in the heart of


If you have no riding experience, don't worry, the guide's instructions

will help you adapt to your equine companion, no matter what your

level is. When the voice says "Let's go" it is the signal to start a

magical ride to the most emblematic places of Estancia Cerro Guido.

Either towards the viewpoint of the Torres Del Paine or towards the

river pass, both ways will be an experience of sighting the Patagonian

fauna such as: Guanacos, rheas, sheep, birds, wild horses, condors

and if luck is on our side, a puma that wants to show up and say hello. 

Rides that our visitors can experience in a morning or afternoon with a

duration of approximately 3 hours. It is one of the most beautiful ways

to enter into an immensity that makes our heart beat with emotion,

understanding that we have the privilege of knowing and feeling what

nature is giving us in its perfection.

To end the day and after visiting viewpoints, rivers, pampas and more,

the Gaucho and guide will comment on the extension that Cerro Guido

covers and their commitment to nature and the preservation of many of

the species that could be observed along the way and more.

Respect and balanced coexistence with the environment are an

essence and important factor in every activity developed in our

estancia, that is why we invite you to join us on our next excursions, so

that day after day we can show our natural beauty and share with the

world our spirit of preservation in Estancia Cerro Guido.

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