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Experience: The Heart of the Estancia

This vast territory located at the southern tip of the planet has a fascinating culture, simple and very connected to the land and climate. We invite you to live during your day trip or stay at the Hotel the daily experiences of the gauchos and the country people, actively participating in their daily activities.


The extreme remoteness and the nature of the isolated lifestyle make horticulture a fundamental part of life in these lands. In the greenhouse and orchard of the Estancia, it is possible to see the wonderful abundance of vegetables and greens that are ingeniously cultivated in this harsh climate. We invite you to visit our orchard and be part of the planting or harvesting of organic products that go straight to your table.


The horse has been for many years the faithful companion of the Gaucho in Patagonia, together they travel through wide areas taking care of the livestock they are in charge of and in the solitude of the pampa where time passes differently, a deep relationship of friendship and complicity has been born between them.

We invite you to visit our stables and accompany the Gauchos in the daily care of the horses; you will be able to participate in different tasks such as brushing, saddling or feeding these magnificent animals.


Just as greenhouses and livestock are part of everyday life, chickens also play an important role in self-sufficiency for life in the countryside.

At Estancia Cerro Guido our hens, free range and organically fed, provide us every day with fresh and delicious eggs, that also go directly to your table in various preparations.

We invite you to live the experience of collecting your own food and learn a little more about life at Estancia Cerro Guido.

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