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Estancia Cerro Guido in its winter season. What to do?

Nature has rewarded us with wonderful seasons in which we can find our Estancia covered in a beautiful white color, from the highest mountains to the immensity of the pampas.

Winter brings a beauty that decorates flake by flake every square mile, preparing the land to fill it with fertility and unique aromas of the season. Therefore, we have prepared for you and your group of friends or family an unforgettable winter experience in the heart of Patagonia.

As it is well known, our guests receive a high level of attention, so if you wish to visit and get to know our Estancia, we will provide you with transfers between the facilities and Puerto Natales.

We also want to give you a round experience consisting of the following activities: Day 1: Arrival at Estancia Cerro Guido. Tour on Culture and Heritage of Cerro Guido. Day 2: Conservation Safari with the Cerro Guido Foundation. Day 3: 4X4 Tercera Barranca Tour (am) - 4X4 Condoreras Tour (pm). Day 4: 4X4 tour Palike sector - Baguales - Valle Las Chinas. Day 5: Check Out

Our itinerary of activities will allow you to live the essence of the pampas, the immensity of our nature and it will be an experience where you will feel you belong to a place that will never want to leave your mind. The fauna, the flora, the landscapes, the millenary formations are waiting for you to welcome and farewell you on another level, as we only know how to do it in Estancia Cerro Guido, preserving the spirit of Patagonia.

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