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A magic place in the heart of Patagonia.

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

When we talk about visiting the wonders of Chile and its vast landscapes, most of us think of arriving to a beautiful and cozy place which is the starting point for an adventure like no other.

Estancia Cerro Guido is not only identified for being a beautiful and cozy place, its true distinction is to be able to fill all your senses with the experience of living in the heart of Patagonia.

From the point where our guests are located, taking a flight to Punta Arenas or Puerto Natales is just the beginning of what will be a wonderful stay. Leaving your pick-up in our hands will allow you to enjoy a journey full of colorful landscapes and representative shades of the south.

On your arrival you will find a ranch that coexists perfectly with nature in a very respectful balance. You will learn how people live and work here, while you stay in a wonderful room with absolutely all the comforts, while enjoying a landscape that has no comparison whatsoever.

You will have the possibility to choose how to go deep into the Chilean Patagonia. Our specialized guides will accompany your journey either in trekking, 4x4 vehicle rides or horseback riding, where you will be able to spot the native fauna and learn about how we look for and contribute to the preservation of native species of the region.

To end an exceptional day on your return to the facilities, you will be delighted by a gastronomic experience that fuses the natural resources of Patagonia with the flavors of the world. You will not want to miss a wonderful evening before an ideal and peaceful rest at The Heart of Patagonia.

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