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A day tour in a 4x4 vehicle in Torres del Paine

Spending a whole day inside Torres del Paine National Park is one of the most important

tourist attractions in our region and in the whole country. 

To be able to visit iconic places, rivers, observe glaciers, discover the imposing nature of

our winds and also encounter endemic wildlife, and, if you are lucky, an occasional puma

at a glance, has no comparison whatsoever.

But living this experience the Estancia Cerro Guido way means that you and your family

will not miss a single moment, curious fact or special place to visit, as you join the

Overland 4x4 experience.

From the comfort of the Estancia, having breakfast and getting ready for adventure is one

of the activities most enjoyed by our family groups who decide to give their senses a new

experience, the freedom of touring the most emblematic viewpoints and the most famous

trails of the great Torres del Paine National Park.

When we manage to combine the spectacular views with a picnic lunch, where we have all

the necessary implements to live an outdoor experience, it only remains to continue

enjoying a wonderful ride that also teaches you, step by step, with our guide, how the

trails that today mark the most famous trekking circuits in South America were born,

developed and discovered.

An experience that ends at the hotel facilities allowing you to take a comforting drink and

then continue with more adventures for the following days, adventures that you can

continue to enjoy with us in the heart of Patagonia.

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